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Thread: Childhood abuse into Adulthood effecting relationships

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    Childhood abuse into Adulthood effecting relationships

    Does anyone experience trauma from their childhood effecting their intimate relationships with their partner?

    My actions and reactions to certain things aren't normal, i can't open up about things, i get very angry and push people away. I think its easier to stay out of relationships for this reason. It just causes arguments and makes me feel even more alone. I don't know whether i have a serious mental health issue now because of the trauma, I'm almost totally numb to it. I can go from loving someone to feeling nothing. I almost feel psychopathic and just glazed over whenever these topics are mentioned.

    I just want to be in a normal relationship.

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    Kindness & hugs.
    hi Dolphin

    Read and can sure relate to your post...I have ended up with real problems differentiating between healthy sexual approaches and touching and the not ok stuff I was subjected to as a child. Rationally I get that my current partner is safe...that I trust and care for them, however it is hard to get this message to stick at an emotional level...to stop my body's well practised recoil reaction. Thing that has helped me is to work with a couples t - one who specialises in helping people who have sexual problems...is a slow process, however with time and work my partner and I have develped more understanding of were we are each at and are working on were we want to be as a couple.

    Another resource that I can recommend is a self-help book written by Wendy Malz called 'The Sexual Healing Journey".

    Hope what I have shared helps you to feel less alone.
    Rest in my arms precious child; cradled and warm. You are safe. The war is over.

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    it did at first but as i got to know my boyfriend more, i started trusting him more and it became easier. you just have to be patient with others AND yourself

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