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Thread: Hello, new, looking for support

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    Hello, new, looking for support

    Hi, I'm new. I am looking for support. I was sexual assaulted and beaten a little over a year ago and since have developed, ptsd, anxiety and depression. I'm looking for assistance on learning how others cope with the systems of those illnesses and how to traverse getting back into relationships when I'm read. Thanks in advance

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    Kindness & hugs.
    safirerain sorry that you ended up in a situation where you need the support of an abuse survivors group, but glad you have stepped in. Can relate to your struggle to find your way back to something that resembles normalacy...to process and heal from the trauma you have been through.

    Can only speak for myself as the way forward seems to be a somewhat personal one. The first year or so was a very unsettled time for me. Like all of us abusers are not all bad and I missed my ex's good aspects, grieved for them, also for the loss of my dream of a happy ever after...felt so alone (even with people around me).

    I could have easily gone back! Thank goodness I didn't. With time and the support of a helpful therapist...things slowly started to improve and I found I was gradually able to move my focus from the past to the here and now...to use the energy I rediscovered to start to rebuild my life. A few years down the track I look back and wonder how I accepted what was happening, how I a normally quite assertive woman got so trapped...lost myself.

    For you as you find the strength to heal and rebuild your life.
    Rest in my arms precious child; cradled and warm. You are safe. The war is over.

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    All are welcome.
    Welcome to The Fort!

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