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Thread: One year

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    One year

    A year ago I left him. The four months we were together were filled with emotional, and sexual abuse, as well as drugging me. That night, the abuse got physical. A month later he was sending death threats through my friends.

    Today I was called to court to go to his trial. In court he plead guilty to the death threats.

    I feel closure. But this has also unsettled some unpleasant emotions. Reading my police statement was chilling. I'm still afraid.

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    Please no prayers, be gentle all is new and scary
    Well done for protecting yourself and getting out of the situation, well done too though for
    protecting others from him by reporting him and going to court.
    It's ok to take time to be gentle with yourself you've survived a terrible experience
    You are a strong, brave and courageous person.

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