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Thread: I'm new here

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    I'm new here

    hi everyone. My name is Caden, I'm 18 and been having a lot of trouble dealing with the PTSD, depression, and anxiety. I don't talk about it much irl because I'm terrified of being sent to a behavioral hospital again. I have also been having to deal with school and people and none of them get it... not even my family. I'm also female to male transgender and ...it's all been really rough.

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    Please no prayers, be gentle all is new and scary
    Hi Caden,
    I'm a newbie here too and I'm glad you've found this site.
    I to have PTSD, I have found that something that helps me is to keep something
    with me that is only a part of today. For example I have a pretty scarf in pale colours
    if I'm going out and I'm unsettled I wear my scarf. When I start to feel edgy I hold it,
    wrap it around my wrist concentrate on where I got it, what it means to me.
    Anything that grounds me in now.
    I hope that you can find some sense of peace here and a place to talk.

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