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Thread: DID treatment options and thoughts

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    DID treatment options and thoughts

    Hello.I ended up here because I am trying to find some place,some info,anything,about life after integration,or anyone that has been through it.

    It is not what I expected and I am having a hard time adjusting.The quietness inside my head is the hardest I think.It is just so.....quiet!I am having a hard time dealing with everything myself,I am having a rough time coping with life in general,the every day stuff that I am not used to doing.Time is different too,the days seem to drag by now.

    Don't get me wrong,there's many positives about it.Its just that life is so different now.

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    Me again.Was hoping to get replies here.

    I have been searching online for info but there's not really much out there.It is easy to find books,websites.support forums,studies,etc.abiut DID but not about life after integration.Even my therapist doesn't have experience with this,he has worked with DID clients before,but I am the firsr for this.

    I feel alone in this.

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    Nothing right now. No hugs or endearment
    Hi there.

    Even though i'm not fully integrated (getting there though, and the few that are left we work together really well), i think the work youve done to get this far shows how strong you are, and i just wanted to point that out. I think your right, there isn't a lot of info on integration and life after it because its so hard to get there and it's not for everybody. I think it stinks that there is a lack of information because i'm sure your not the only one.

    just wanted to say i was listening and wish you luck.

    Kay and co
    Mia, Red, Michael, Vikki, The Keeper

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    ~ "I am my own thing"~

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    Thank you so much for responding LightningStar,I appreciate it.

    Congrats on your partial integration,I know first hand all the hard work that goes along with that.Good luck achieving full integration,if that is what you want and what you are working towards.

    I did not expect full integration so soon,it just kind of happened on its own,in a fairly fast succession.It seemed like once the main ones did the others just followed suit.

    I wish there was more info,I wish there were orher stories I could read.Wish there was a treatment plan like there is for DID.But....I will plow through this and learn as I go and maybe evwntually I can share my experience wirh orhers that are in the same boat.

    On a good note,yesterday was a good day.I spent the day with my husband,just out running errands,went out to dinner,nothing spectacular.At the end of the day I thought ' wow'.It sure was a different experience than in the past.I was able to do normal things,didnt get overwhelmed,no little voices in the back of my mind telling me how dangerous everthing was,that we need to run or hide,no disputes over what food to buy in the grocery store,no embarrassing outbursts,no tantrums,it was good.I was thinking maybe instead of focusing on and being so afraid of this different way of life I should start keeping track of the positives.

    I am sorry for rambling,but theres really no where else to put this stuff.It is almost how I felt when I waa first diagnosed wirh DID,that initial shock and the fear of the unknown.

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    Kindness & hugs.
    Hi welcome to the Fort...interesting convo

    Like you I haven't read much about integration...however have some experience of it. For me it is a fairly gentle evolutionary process...I become aware that I have gained a new aspect to my personality...sometimes have new knowledge and skills I can not remember having before. Unlike some others with DID I have never been directly co-con with my parts (when they are out I am not). So for me integration is like I have gained new stuff rather than merged with an existing known part.

    Some people mention that their merging is not always permanent...that they sometimes split off the part that has merged. That does not happen to me once stuff has snuck across whatever amnesic barrier that has kept it away from my consciousness it remains eg one day I woke up having gained a heap of new knowledge about Roman civilisation and it has remained with me.

    Fascinating process really.

    I wonder if you are intrested in joining our community...you may find it interesting to join with others in the DID forum and chatroom.

    For you.
    Rest in my arms precious child; cradled and warm. You are safe. The war is over.

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    hugs and kisses,but mind the feathers please.
    Think maybe the reason why so little on integration is that mh experts must view this as cured therefore although we might call it integrated they call it normal living...?
    Speaking solely for myself I can't perceive of my integration and yet guess that's the ultimate goal.Maybe all without DID have to live in their own confusion too but we always thought they had a clarity of thought withheld from us?
    Just the musings of an old eagle mind
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    Things are slowly getting easier,better and I am gradually adjusting to the many changes that have occurred.

    My T said he had training for DID but not for 'after' DID.

    So I do still feel alone in all of this.

    I have been thinking about joining here.I don't know though....

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    Kindness & hugs.
    Hi good to hear from you again

    Can't tell you what to do when it comes to registering as a member here...but can share a little about my own experiences.

    Took me a lot of courage to come here. I had never belonged to an on-line group, let alone a abuse survivor one...had no idea what to expect. So it was with some trepidation that I filled in and submitted my registration form. Because I had never met another person in 3d who lived with the experience of DID I was not sure that I would be able to share that info without causing raised eyebrows. In fact it was not like that not only could I discuss this issue I found dedicated folders and a chat room to do this...so may I reassure you Fort is a very did-friendly and accepting site. Other thing I like about Fort is it is just fine to move at my own pace only share what feels right. All and all I feel right at home here.

    I find it really helps to have somewhere to come and be able to relax and feel that I am with people who 'have been there' who understand.

    I hope sharing my experience of joining and being a part of this friendly supportive site helps,

    For you
    Rest in my arms precious child; cradled and warm. You are safe. The war is over.

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    I dont know anymore.
    surviving on hugs these days
    Its up to you if you decide to join here or not. This is an interesting topic. I really don't know much about what life is like after intergration. We never had any intergration so I don't really know. But its still interesting. It must be hard adjusting to the changes. Good luck with this. I hope it continues to get easier for you.

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    I've dropped by this thread a few times. I live with DID, and have always hoped that maybe integration might be a good direction for me in time. I'm interested in the topic of life after integration. I was wondering if you'd mind sharing what you're finding difficult, like what are the challenges you're discovering, what difficulties there are, stuff like that.

    May you have peace, live long, and prosper.

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