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Thread: i dont know what to do

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    i dont know what to do

    Hi guys come on here as don't know what to do anymore. I currently don't work due to poor health crohns, high blood pressure, hiatus hernia and biopolar depression. I live with my mum and my brother. My brother is also ill with servere crohns too. He's been violent to me in the past hit me, thrown remote controls at me and other items. To the point at the time i ended up being kicked out an had to live with my now ex partners family. Now i'm single and have no rest bite from his high violent tempers, as i have no friends they all avoid me and dont speak to me now due to a nervous breakdown 4 years ago. I'm sick of him getting in my face shouting at me and being bullied by him. I would love to be able to move out an get my own place but as i don't work. I couldn't afford rent and food etc. And getting on the local council emergency list i would actually have to sleep on the streets. been homeless before when younger when mum and dad were going thru a messy divorce due to his violence. { father like son!} I've come on here for support an advice and probably rant to get my feelings of upset out

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    Kindness & hugs.
    Sorry to here about the situation you are in...how stuck you are feeling. I hope things look up...that you find your way forward. We have a link to some helpful agencies in our header (click on the help button). Might be worth looking at these.
    Rest in my arms precious child; cradled and warm. You are safe. The war is over.

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    hugs and kisses,but mind the feathers please.
    Sorry to read about your situation...think you may be in the UK ..if so perhaps this link might help:


    or perhaps a look on Shelter's site might offer more advice:


    Hope this helps
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