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Thread: feeling worn down and tired

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    feeling worn down and tired

    Hi I have a friend on facebook who has been in an abusive relationship for 25 years or more and has voices that are trying to end her life, I talk to her every day and I don't even talk to my family or other friends as much as I talk to her but I know if I walk away the voices will have won and they will end her life, I don't want them to win but if I don't say hi every morning she gets upset, she isn't married and she has 6 kids and they treat her the same way her partner does because that's the way he has brought them up, he causes the voices and they are nasty voices, I've argued with them so I know. Her partner won't let her talk to her friends or go out with them, she has to stay at home, he has completely wrecked her life with his control and mental abuse, she doesn't really have a life because he won't let her have one, the voices keep trying to take her to the bridges to try to get her to jump off and down onto the motorway. I talk to her everyday and even the voices try there hardest to make us stop talking so they can end her life, I don't want that to happen so I feel like I have to keep talking to her to stop the voices in there tracks, I am trying to get her out of that house and nearer to me so I can look after her but I don't know if that's a good idea or not as if I do I won' t ever get any time to myself. She has so many mental health problems that don't help, D.I.D, split personality's, schizophrenia, bipolar, Anxiety, psychosis, and lord knows what else on top of all that, she's diabetic and the doctor has given her tablets to take but the voices say if she has to take them she has to take them all, diabetic ones taking the whole lot will end her life, so she doesn't take anything at all, she also has sleeping tablets too but if she takes them she takes about 10 which is way to many but that's what the voices make her do, she doesn't like hospitals and before she started talking to me she was sectioned every week but since she has been talking to me she hasn't been sectioned once and I am the only person who knows how to stop these voices, they tell lies constantly and when she says she is going to the fields, that's the voices telling lies cos in actual fact they are going to take her to the bridges to jump off and I seem to be the only person that can stop them, cos nobody else understands what the voices are like and how they work but I do understand how they work and if I could get her to me I would be able to defeat them because I would give her the tablets every day what she is prescribed and then take them away with me so the voices can't make her take anymore, she would be in a bungalow so they can't make her jump from a high window, and it will be in a quiet village where there is no bridges, motorways, trains or rivers and lakes, and I will be able to relax a bit more too and have some me time, then she will have a chance to get better and get her life back. I can't wait to get her sorted out so I can have some me time. think I'll take a holiday to Jamaica and soak up the sun, sand music and booze.

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    sounds like the life of your online friend is in danger, with ongoing suicide crisis, hallucinations, and non-compliance with meds. makes me worried that you believe you are the only one who can treat her and arent calling 911 or your local emergency number. idk what state/country youre in, if youre actually committing a crime here or not. in many areas it is a crime, so we cant support your course of action here. please call your local emergency number if you feel her life is in danger. for your friend.
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    hugs and kisses,but mind the feathers please.
    Noticed you are in the UK..


    and because you are in Norfolk:


    Hope this helps
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