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    Ever since I can remember I've known she was controlling. One really made me feel scared and alone. She created a whole story where I was too skinny and needed sleeping pills. Her and my dad got involved. But my family doctor thought it was best not to give me them as I was too young at the time. So she took me to another doctor in the gp practice who ended up being very unconventional. long story short I don't see him often anymore but he seems to want to see me today which I'm not happy about. I have told my practice on the prescription which was gone in my name and they are finally listening. I now have a stepdad i know isn't bad. I'm trying to help him in her gaslighting give him heads up in her emotional abuse because he's not going to end up like me. He's listening and the doctors are now suspicious of my doctor and mother. The doctor actually tried to talk to me today on my mums phone. He's getting scared and I'm holding of any contact I have with him as I've confided in my stepdad and health professional, he did call today . I even sent another email to them to be suspicious of his behaviour as I don't want him being trusted in matters involving me. If you ever suspect other people being involved in matters like mums friends or shady doctor and everything feels orchestrated. Talk to someone on your own. A friend and a trusted family
    Member who knows the situation, and last a unbiased professional. One thing I've realised is talk to the professional (teacher, mental health or other person) you know you are in the right track if they are tried to be shooed by the controlling person.

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    Kindness & hugs.
    I am so sorry you find yourself in this distressing situation...sounds really complex and many layered. From experience I know the courage it takes to find your voice and speak out about not ok stuff involving your family and professionals.

    For you
    Rest in my arms precious child; cradled and warm. You are safe. The war is over.

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