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    Hi... This is my first time like talking to strangers I guess about my life. My dad is a drug addict I don't talk to him. I struggle with depression and anxiety everyday ever since I was a child. I was sexually abused as a child. I am now in a better place I have a boyfriend of 5 months and everything was so perfect until we had a two day break and he had sex with my best friend. I was so heartbroken that my best friend would ever do this to me. I was very upset angry and I almost hurt myself but that was a month ago. I'm with my boyfriend still and things are getting better I just need advice on how to forget that happened because when I even hear him say her name I like start shaking or tearing up or like freaking out and I want to forget.

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    Kindness & hugs.
    livvers - sorry that you were subjected to abuse as a child and glad that you feel you are making on progress on healing..

    Just a heads up the focus of our site is to provide a platform where survivors can come and connect to others survivors. A place where they can to be heard and feel supported while they work on healing from the the impact of abuse has had on their life. Given this it is outside our brief to provide relationship support...eg to talk about your b/f's infidelity and how it has effected you. There are relationship sites one that seems to be popular is "7 cups of tea" http://www.7cups.com/ You may find it helpful.

    For you
    Rest in my arms precious child; cradled and warm. You are safe. The war is over.

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