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Thread: the world is waking up and there is hope?

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    the world is waking up and there is hope?

    26 years ago I began to remember my past. It was in the eighties and it was accepted as truth. I have been through many years of healing and integration. I broke away from the cult I had grown up in early in my healing. I changed my name, and managed to overcome much. I learned it is socially scary to share with most people much about what I have been through. So I have kept my mouth shut. This is my first post on a forum ever.
    I look on the internet to see what the public awareness of the Satanic Abuse that goes on looks like now. I read many sights claiming that MPD, DID, SRA is all made up in one way or another. Then I find this site, Fort refuge and a survivors conference in California. .
    I wanted to get an idea from others who are survivors how much you feel believed, accepted or validated?. I feel empowered by self expression through art and public speaking .I want to do something meaningful to help others who are like the family and friends I left behind in the dark.
    I am searching for evidence that society is becoming more aware of what was so secretive and hidden when I was growing up. That what we remember has basis in reality, and is being dealt with at some level in this world other than as twisted entertainment in horror or vampire movies.
    Please let me know if you know something good that is going on to change peoples perspective about us survivors. Or anything that you have done to free yourself or others from the groups and energies that bound us... thanks

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    hi princessbethany

    welcome to fort, hope you find the support you're looking for

    im sure you've read fort guidelines before agreeing to follow them, just thought to refresh since you posted this topic in the public forum and some of our guests dont read the guidelines: we can talk of whether we feel comfortable and accepted at fort as ra survivors, but we cant discuss ra here in this folder because ra topics are limited to ra folder only. this is one of the ways we ensure everyones safety and comfort, because those who experienced ra speak of it in the ra folder, with like-minded folks, and those who havent experienced it - use other folders, to speak of whatever they have personal experience with. this way the topic of whether ra is real or not just doesnt come up, and you dont end up feeling judged or rejected.
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    Kindness & hugs.
    Just hopped in to say welcome Bethany...good to have you join us.
    Rest in my arms precious child; cradled and warm. You are safe. The war is over.

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