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Thread: feeling horrible

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    feeling horrible

    I confronted my father again, to no avail. He avoids any topic that he finds uncomfortable. Since my mother died 6 years ago, my dad has resumed a relationship with my molester, his brother. He has him over for Thanksgiving dinner and even takes him on family vacations. They are taking another trip next month. I am disgusted.

    Trying to remind myself that I can't control someone else.

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    Hi, to Fort! Sorry to hear the confrontation did not go well, I can see why you would be upset. I tried to confront my mother about some abuse that occured in our house growing up, went pretty badly. Lots of denial and blameshifting. Was very frustrating and disappointing, because, I certainly wanted a different outcome, as I know you did as well. It is hard to see your abuser and family go along like nothing happened, while your left to pick up the pieces. Just wanted you to know I was listening, really hope that Fort will be a good support for you.
    Though I walk through the darkest valley, I will not fear for you are with me.

    There is no bravery, except in the face of real fear.

    *I am here sporadically atm, due to health issues. If you p.m. me, I may not see it right away. So, don't feel bad, I will respond, but it might take a few days. To get a quicker response, please go to the "speak to mod" section.

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    Can relate to the denial you faced when you confronted your abuser. Idk was I surprised when the same thing happened to me? Given his history no. Was I upset? Utterly so. Was another example of his lack of remorse...ability to over-ride his conscience. Feel for you enormously.

    Also have had to live with some of my family brushing my abuser's actions away...even those who were impacted on by his nastiness. Seems to be a bit of a family culture...deny it, minimise it, don't talk about it and it will go away. Unfortunately for me it doesn't work like that.
    Rest in my arms precious child; cradled and warm. You are safe. The war is over.

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