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Thread: HI new to site and big step coming up!!!

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    HI new to site and big step coming up!!!

    Hi In two weeks I am starting the classic I guess you would call it work for my DID. I am so nervous because for 2 years every time we try I start to switch and can't accomplish anything. I am now reading a book called " Got Parts" and it is written by people who have DID. But as I kept reading I got to the part of re-intergration and am even more confused of how I will be able to accomplish this.

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    Hi, to Fort! I hear you, I was pretty nervous too when I started dealing with my d.i.d. It is a lot to take in intially, but I have found if I take it one day at a time, things go better. Not gonna lie, dealing with d.i.d. is not easy at times, in fact, sometimes it really stinks, but it has relieved so much of the internal strife and pressure that I was facing, so it is totally worth it. I wish you all the best as you go forward on this journey, and really hope Fort will be a support and asset to you!
    Though I walk through the darkest valley, I will not fear for you are with me.

    There is no bravery, except in the face of real fear.

    *I am here sporadically atm, due to health issues. If you p.m. me, I may not see it right away. So, don't feel bad, I will respond, but it might take a few days. To get a quicker response, please go to the "speak to mod" section.

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    All are welcome.
    Welcome to The Fort!

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    Hi kitpups...hear ya. Your nervousness. What helped me was to work with a T who I felt comfortable with...trusted. Who also was experienced and happy to work with DID clients. She explained my treatment options and together we worked out what would work for me. I was frightened about destablizing my system (was important that I did not disrupt my livelihood/career) given this we took things slowly and continue to do so. Spent a lot of time developing safety strategies ahead of getting into the hard nitty-gritty stuff. As my then T said "you developed parts to protect yourself from having to deal with stuff that was life threatening...too tough for you to cope with...we need to make sure you have the strategies in place before taking any action that allows this info to be brought to the surface and processed".

    Won't say the journey has been 'a walk in the park', but in the main with the help of a supportive and knowledgeable T I have coped.
    Heading off on a mini vacation - some rest and recreation - be back at the end of the week - round about Sunday 24th

    Rest in my arms precious child; cradled and warm. You are safe. The war is over.

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