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Thread: Friend may be possible victim of social worker abuse

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    Friend may be possible victim of social worker abuse

    Hi, i am concerned for my friend. She is 27 and has been sexually abused for much of her life. She has had to quit work due to her mental health and is receiving counselling. She has recently moved into a flat which she can keep and i have helped her decorate it and carpet etc. etc.She is slowly recovering and is a lot happier now. I take her to gym 3 times a week and we box at her place together. She has recently had a new socia;l worker who is visiting her about once a week. He has helped her receive a cooker and washing machine and fridge also a carpet.Right that is great it has helped her a lot. However she wanted a sofa. I told her i will get her a used one. But her social worker has paid for a new one 550 from Argos out of his own pocket which i believe she has agreed to pay back a bit every time she receives benefits. So this could take years. I didn't think social workers could do this out of their own pocket and i am worried about why he has done this as she is vulnerable and he knows this. I know where he works and am wondering if i should report this or am i being over protective/. Any response would be helpful i am willing to give more details but only if it is in the girls best interests.

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    im confused. you wanted to get your friend a used sofa, and instead her social worker got her a new sofa. and you believe this might be a form of abuse and want to report him for it.

    i know dozens of people whose therapists offer sliding scale (i.e. you pay as much as you can), or even work with them for free for a while, when they unexpectedly lose a job or health insurance or experience other financial hardship. its not abuse, its kindness and charity. when i was in such a position a couple of years ago, i moved to a new apartment, and my social worker brought me a box of pots and pans, a set, as a housewarming gift. idk where she got it from, if it was from some fund they have for such occasions or out of her personal money. i said she shouldnt have, she said its ok, so i just said thank you and offered her a soda.

    your friend told her shes uncomfortable receiving this sofa from her social worker and asked for your help returning it? or you're stepping in to control her finances because you believe shes incapable of doing it herself, being a vulnerable adult?
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    Kindness & hugs.

    Seems irregular to me for a social worker to pay for stuff out of their own pocket...enter into a commercial repayment/contractual arrangement with any client...just my opinion. Seems to muddy the nature of the professional relationship. Think the social worker's actions open up the potential for the relationship to head down unwanted ways...cause harm to both parties.
    Rest in my arms precious child; cradled and warm. You are safe. The war is over.

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