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Thread: Newcomer and no sleep so far!

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    Newcomer and no sleep so far!

    I am new here and I hope I can suss this site out? There seems to be lots of tunnels and warrens, so feeling a little overwhelmed by it all! I have not slept yet and it's 1;30pm now but I do hope to get a bit of sleep later. I am feeling the need for an AA meeting, not because I fear drinking, though I do., but I invited my adult son to stay last night and it wasn't a good move! He has mental health issues and has been relapsing on crack, but I've run out of ways to cope with him. Last night at some point I worried for both of us it was that tense and fraught, and now I'm left feeling like a mug, or an idiot!!! I may not be, I just feel this way!

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    All are welcome.
    Welcome to The Fort!

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