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Thread: I recently left my husband

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    I recently left my husband

    I recently left my husband and I am at a DV shelter. I have been married for 32 years and the abuse started 4 years ago when I had an accident and was confined to a wheel chair. At first it was verbal, saying I am worthless, calling me his little burden. Then after a year I started gaining weight and he would only allow me to eat one can of soup a day, I would still have to cook real meals to him and his friends, if I tried to eat anything besides the one can of soup he would beat me. Sometimes he would knock me out of my wheelchair in a spot where I could not pull myself up, he would laugh at me as I dragged myself to a spot where I could get up, sometimes he would put his foot on my back so I couldn't move. He would sometimes do these things in front of his friends and they would make a game of it by moving a piece of furniture as I would reach it to pull myself up. I received a service dog 2 years ago and when the abuse was happening my husband would put the dog outside so he could not help me. Once he punched me in the face in front of my dog and the dog grabbed him and pulled him away from me, after that the dog would growl at him every time my husband got near me. I loved that dog so much he was my best friend and he helped me with everything. One day I had to go to the doctors and my husband would not allow my dog to go with me, he said if I told the doctor or anyone what was happening at home he would kill my dog. When I got home from the doctor my dog was in the back of his truck my husband poisoned my dog. I was devastated how could he hurt an innocent animal. The abuse got worse after that he took my cell phone, computer and televisions from the home he also removed the ramps so I could not get out of the house. if he left the house he would make sure I had nothing or anyway of escape, he took the keys to my van everything and we lived in a place where the nearest neighbor was over a mile away. My husband took an annual vacation to a hunting lodge in Canada, and I knew it was my only chance to get away, so while we were out shopping one day I went to the bathroom and borrowed a cell phone from an employee who was in there I called the local DV shelter and explained what was going on, as I spoke to the advocate, the employee overheard me, I made a plan to somehow get in touch with the shelter as soon as I knew my husband was on the plane. The employee was crying when I hung up and told me to keep her phone and use it to get away, and give it back when I was safe. I shut the phone off and hid it in my chair. I found my husband in the store and we left for home. Right before he left my husband forced me to have sex with him (sex was very painful for me due the injury to my back). He left the next day and when I was sure he was gone I called the shelter and they sent a handicap van for me. I left everything behind, I have no money, no car or clothing. I am safe now and my husband is in hiding afraid of being arrested. I can not thank the wonderful staff at this shelter, I may not have money or a car (I can drive just not walk) but what I do have is my life, I know I would have been dead very soon if I had stayed. I am looking for work and have applied for social security and soon I will be self sufficient. I know I will be okay ...deletion .... And if anyone reading this is in an abusive relationship there is help and decent people out there reach out and get away please, If I can do it anyone can.

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    Kindness & hugs.
    Hi Liz glad you have shared your story - hope it helps. idk hard to understand how anyone could be so nasty to another. Killing your beloved pet dog...can only imagine the pain that must have caused you. Thank goodness you found a way to escape this clearly not in his his right mind and dangerously out of control man.

    Wishing you all the best for your new life. Dunno if it is your thing...but if you think it would help you are welcome to register here, become a member. Link to do this is at the bottom of guidelines page (in the header)f it appeals.

    For you if I may a rose from the Fort garden
    Rest in my arms precious child; cradled and warm. You are safe. The war is over.

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