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Thread: The Cycle

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    The Cycle

    The Cycle continues as I knew it would.
    What I didn't do or know or thought like I should.
    The feeling of fright is gone
    Along with the sadness and anxiety
    It's almost as if I have nothing inside of me.
    Maybe it's time to call it quits
    Or relent again and call it a fix.
    But gone with the negative also the good
    My heart just doesn't beat like I know it could.
    So again I say
    The Cycle continues as I knew it would,
    but something is different,
    My perceptions have changed from where they once stood.

    Thanks for reading! This forum is helping me find my strength!

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    That's really great. It makes sense for me right now. I'm learning about this place too.
    Glad it's helping you.

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