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Thread: I felt trapped and i left with nothing and am afraid of losing my daughter!!!

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    I felt trapped and i left with nothing and am afraid of losing my daughter!!!


    before i had my now 16month old baby girl my boyfriend would want me to pay him rent i was paying child support for my other children that were staying with my mom at the time and i wasnt making much money but if i had alittle he would make sure my money got spent before any of his and he has scam businesses going on so he has plenty of money but i am not greedy and wasnt with him for money i wanted to be self- supporting. he would throw it in my face that i didnt pay him rent. well after 3yrs of being with him i got pregnant and he didnt want the baby he wanted an abortion but was to lazy to give me money for one even though i really didnt want one. he pushed me at a month pregnant. so i left him and spent majority of my pregnancy living with my mother. he wanted me back i think because he didnt want to have to pay child support he also told me because i wasnt going to have an abortion that i wasn't getting his money and that he was going to prove me unfit and try to use my past and my family against me but only my family isnt going to stick by his side. after i had the baby he didnt ant me to work i never wanted to quit my job because i couldn't rely on him. but i was stupid and went with it anyways and havent worked sense my baby was born. and in the 16months i sat at home broke he rarely gave me money he sys that if i need money then i need to ask him but when i ask him then of course he wants to know why i need it and he will let me know whether i need to get that now or can wait on it. he has anger problems and heaven forbid if he has to vacuum the floor he will be all pissed off and ordering me to be the one to move everything out of the way so he can vacuum underneath but if i have to vacuum the floor then i do everything myself. he has tried to pull my baby from me in the car seat twice when i tried to leave. and he says now that that is the safest way to do it. i don't ever think ripping a baby from someone in a carseat is safe. he calls me names in front of my daughter and i ask him not to do that because i dont want her to think that is ok. he has told my baby to get the f away from me. (meaning him) he told my baby a day or 2 before thanksgiving that one of these days he is going to punch her in the face. in 16 months i havent went out or been able to take my daughter out because i was kept with limited resourse so i decided to go to welfare for assistance so i could try to better my situation they were going to help me with child care money and i could work and go back to school. well i ended up getting a part time job and he wasnt happy with it but i was he told me well what car are you going to use you arent using mine and he offered me money to stop this now. i wanted to be self supporting i couldnt stand relying on someone who really wasnt there for me. i have been angry for months now because i wasnt happy with our relationship anymore. he told me to lave one day and i said ok fine ill just call my mom and thats when i left to another state but i still had the car and a phone. he talked me into coming back there about three days later where i found out he was going to try to establish paternity because he doesnt want me to leave the state with my baby and he doesnt want her around my family. he said that my family isn't her family. so i packed my stuff and i left again for good but he knew he couldnt stop me because he was starting legal stuff. i was communicating with him on facebook and i did say some mean things to him becase i am hurt by everything going on in away i want him to hurt like i did i was abused severly by a guy before who almost killed me and my recent ex through that in my face saying now i see why he choked you out. and i dont think anyone should have to go through that. now i am living kinda homeless in an rv with my family and other children. its not the cleanest environment and i think he is going to use that to try to prove me unfit i also left him my phone and the car because i didnt want nothing of his so that he would have a hold on me i dont need that greed in my life. if i have to go to court and fend for my daughter with nothing because he kept me that way on purpose i am not sure how i can prove that i am fit to take care of her even though i am the main one who was doing the caring for. and my ex only hangs out with other dudes who hate on women and who have violent past and i didnt want them around my daughter dirty men no i was molested multiple times as a child and i dont want her to ever have to go through that. i need help and i dont know who to turn to i am really stress about everything and not sure if leaving with no plan was the best option plus i think he is going to try to use what i told him on facebook against me. he was not being normal on facebook he was hiding anything negative that he did. sorry this is long. did i make the write decision? and i gonna lose my daughter because i am living homeless in an rv right now with family members? will the courts believe me?

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    I live on hugs.
    for you. Your situation sounds incredibly difficult.

    We can't give any legal advice here since none of us are lawyers or anything. We're also from all over the world, so laws are different for all of us. We do have some hotlines and information under the help tab that might be useful for you. idk if there are any where you are, but we have dv advocates and such here that help with courts and getting back on your feet. If you decide to check it out I hope it's useful.
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    thank you for responding yes i know you guys cant give legal advice which i understand im just confused on whether or not im over reacting to my situation or not. but then again maybe thats how he wanted me to feel confused and in denial. i thought i would feel free by leaving but yet i still feel trapped and miserable.

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