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Thread: struggling 9 months later...

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    struggling 9 months later...

    February 25th. I Was working. 5 minutes before close. One minute I was Filling Spray bottles, the next I had a knife to my neck. I complied to his demands. I just wanted to go home. I did the right thing. I called the police. I went to the pre trial to testify. Very confidently. I reminded myself that horrible things happen every day. I used it as motivation to show the world and and especially women empowerment. But then I got thinner. & thinner. Every other week I found myself at the doctor because I had an un explained fever of 100 that would not budge that came with disorientation & fatigue. My immune system was crashing. But I shrugged it off. 10.23.15 I ended up in the ER for an unexolained migraine so bad that I was vomiting on myself.
    they sent me home once it was under control. the headaches continued. 11.4.15 I was rushed back for the same thing. I am now on Migraine meds that I have to take every day. I still have to take it easy. This STRANGER changed my life forever.
    Thanksgiving, followed by my Birthday, then Christmas, the new year, & then his final trial. I can't even deal.

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    I live on hugs.
    I am so sorry to hear what you have and still are going through. Sometimes that is the most frustrating part, that someone else's actions change our lives forever. It sounds cliched I suppose, but you never are the same after something like this.

    Busy times of year make it even harder sometimes, because you aren't able to take the time to rest and self care as you need to. I hope that your doctor is able to get to the bottom of your migraines, get them too and know how miserable they are.
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