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Thread: DID and Motivation

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    DID and Motivation

    Perhaps others experience this.

    As a survivor with DID I find I can have great days being very motivated, feeling like we are all working together, but then IL have days where all I do is look at my computer, IL get up, try to interact, try to do something, but I find myself back at my computer doing nothing, sometimes its endless movies that I can not tell you what it is about, reading emails and rereading them. I can do this for hours and I find I want no part of human interaction unless on the computer. when I do share or talk like on facebook to me its like to talking to just the computer with no one on the other end, no emotions and I do not have to try to feel, or think about what I am saying. the thing I really wish is just to have the motivation. I can go 2 or 3 days of getting stuff done then bam I feel like I have no energy like I ran all over the country and all I want to do is NOTHING!! Does anyone relate?

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    Depression causes this for me. No motivation, no energy, and no interest in interacting with people. For me CBT helped, and also meds - I know many people don't want to take them and/or don't need them, just works for me. I also am trying to work on self-care and giving myself a break once in a while. Have a habit of trying to force myself to do stuff through the depression and then I'm more tired, but also feel like a failure because I can't get stuff done. I'm learning to recognize when I need a "day off" and be gentle with myself because it's not me being lazy, it's the mental illness that's the problem.

    You are more than welcome to register here if you'd like. Talking to people that get the issues I deal with has been very helpful for me.
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    Me too!

    I totally relate. For me I think I have different states of being. Sometimes I am supper ambitious and get a lot done and feel really good about myself but after a few days I wake up with no motivation or direction. Part of the problem is that I am home alone and have not gotten used to a healthy routine. Part of the problem is my mind gets stuck on one thing and I have trouble shifting focus. A big part of me feels helpless and hopeless and it is like I can only keep that part at bay for so long before it comes out again.

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    When I get that way, the grownups inside tell me to switch. I've gotten a bit reluctant to relinquish control because when the others are out, I don't go inside, I just sit there unconscious up front like a comatose data-hat. But they say I shouldn't be in charge more than I can handle--and if I feel depressed, lonely, and burned out, I've hit my limit. I think things will be better when I learn how to enter and remember the inner world, so I can recuperate without wasting body time. Actually I think almost everyone here gets burned out after hosting a bit, whether it takes a week or an hour. Integration can apparently help with that, but we've decided that's not an option for us. So we just have to enforce constant shift changes or live with the low points.

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    Anything sincere is fine. :)
    Oh, I feel like you just described me to a 'T'!

    Anti-depressants helped me as well, though I do still have those days. We sometimes experience confusion on who is actually out and for how long. I think most alters accidentally co-present instead of assume full control, and the disorientation is incredible.

    But anywho, yes, sometimes I'll find myself detailing my home...like really deep cleaning the whole thing. And I'm singing and dancing a little. Not really full of energy, just very not my usual self, and enjoying the process of cleaning. Then, pretty much the next day, I can't get off the couch. I'll get up to do something, feel like a fog comes over me, stare at something for a moment, then sit back down... Usually I am on the computer too when these feelings come over me, and my mind will be surprisingly quiet of it's usual dialogue. I also don't want anyone at my house including family members; I just want to be alone. I generally don't mind interacting online, but physically? Definitely want my alone time.

    So I can relate!
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    a game

    Not sure...but this may help.

    I do this to. Sometimes my "to do" list is so long I can't do anything...totally overwhelmed. Logically I know that starting anywhere is better than nothing but I just can't seem to decide and wind up vegging out.

    On a productive day I came up with an idea. I took a bunch of papers the size of fortune cookie fortunes and wrote a daily chore on it that takes 10 minutes or less to do. Maybe empty the dishwasher...take out the trash...whatever...just a short chore that needs to be done and can be done in 10 minutes or less. I have LOTS of these slips in a bright red jar on my kitchen counter and a pair of dice. When I get stuck...I or one of my sons will bring me the dice. I roll them and whatever number comes up...thats how many slips i do. I pull out 1 slip...set a timer for 10 minutes and focus all the attention I can muster on that task...nothing else. When it is complete, it goes to my scoresheet and 1 gets crossed out...then i pull another, set the timer and I am off. I do this until the number of slips on the scoresheet matches the number I rolled on the dice.

    For some ghey feel it keeps us from getting done what is the real priority...my "to do" list. But once I finish this game, I usually have my motivation back and can make progress on my list. If not...I got a lot of my chores done that wouldn't have gotten done when I just zone out. Either option is better.

    Just an idea that may help. Be well.

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