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Thread: A friend of a friend involved in Domestic Abuse

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    A friend of a friend involved in Domestic Abuse

    I am a friend of a woman that is in a violent relationship. She is scared to do anything so I am here to hopefully get some answers. She is divorced but living with her ex husband. Just 2 days ago she called me and kept me on the phone so I could hear what was going on. It was sometimes hard to understand the screaming but on 3 occasions that was totally clear, he told her " You are going to make me kill you". As a private investigator that is as close as you can come to actually following through soon. I have called many DV places to no avail. I am turning my practice to focus totally on these type circumstances. Until then, does anyone have any information or sites that I could gather more information? Most of these, if not all, of these hotlines act WAY too late. This type of threat should be taken VERY serious. I have the threats recorded and the bruises and physical scares also. What does it take?

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    hey lcc,
    sorry to hear about your friend, hope she's safe
    confused by your post a little - are you looking for numbers of your local law enforcement, or for information on how to talk her into breaking up with him? we have a page or two in library i think, on why do women stay in abusive relationships, which steps they can take to escape one safely, what's stockholm syndrome, etc. might want to browse domestic violence section. it got some external links there too
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