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Thread: X boyfriend abusing new girl!

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    X boyfriend abusing new girl!

    My x boyfriend abused me physically, verbally, mentally, sexually, and emotionally. I got help and got away from him before he killed me. Now he has a new girl and is verbally abusing her already should I tell her what I know about him and possibly save her life or just leave it go. I will feel responsible for letting him hurt her further when I may have been able to stop it. He is a dangerous man and has records of this abuse on file with the sherif. Please tell me what to do I have been loosing sleep over this. I would not wish his abuse on my worst enemy. Thank you in advance.

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    what a tricky thing...on the one hand I too would want to warn this girl about the use of abuse by this man,on the other few if any ever want to hear that kind of thing being said especially given you are his ex...I suspect he would just say that you were still after him or such like making out that its you with the problem not him..
    But in saying that I have to admit I would be like you and know I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if I stood by and watched another person get harmed when I could have done something,no matter how small.
    Not sure where you are or what laws are applicable here but maybe a word with the sheriff's office might help? Maybe they can intervene or at least warn this woman about his past?
    Failing that I think I would have to say something if only for my own peace of mind,but this is only my opinion and you must choose your own options for yourself.
    I hope you can reach some kind of decision that allows you to move on from what was clearly an unpleasant man and I wish you well
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    we dont tell people what to do, against guidelines. unethical, cuz you'll be the one stuck with consequences of your choices. anonymous strangers online can advise anything just for the lulz of it, you know

    so, without telling anyone what to do, i got a question and a personal opinion:

    is telling his new gf what you know about yourself not an option? i wouldnt be too receptive if my partner's ex was spreading rumors about his character, just makes a bad impression. but i might listen if she told me how yelling/beating/raping affected her, how she cant sleep at night, jumps from every noise, and cant date anymore. how she used to think it wasnt a big deal, or that it was her fault - and how now she feels differently and wishes she left him sooner. cuz whether hes a jerk or not is for me to decide, and naturally she feels he was a jerk, just cuz they would still be together if she felt differently. so thats no news. but what her life is like now, after this relationship - i would wanna hear, why not. and i would draw my conclusions from it. and idk if i would dump him at the spot or not - probably not - but i would keep this info in the back of my mind, and it would help me when/if i start thinking about leaving him.

    ps: i assume he's not a minor child in your care, so im not sure what do you mean by "letting him hurt her". his actions, his responsibility, not like hes asking for your permission...
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