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Thread: My mother

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    My mother

    My mother has been diagnosed with DID for almost ten years now. I'm just now able to really start to come to terms with everything that has happend since then. I also suffer from PTsd. Was hoping for some useful web info, so I may be able to understand what she's been going through better. I've pretty much blocked her and everything realated to her issues away from me. Because of my own problems. I know feel as though I'm in a good place to break through and need help finding more info. Aim not a bad daughter, she understands I haven't been well also and that I've needed time. So now I think I'm ready to embrace what our family has become.

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    We have quite a few pages about DID in the Fort Library. This one has basic info about what DID is and some links to other resources. This page has some facts about DID. There several other pages in the Fort Library about DID as well. We also have a thread here in Guests Room that talks about DID. We also have pages about supporting a loved one; those might interest you in your efforts with your mom.

    I know in my life, it's been helpful if I keep my mental health issues separate from the mental health issues of others I'm interacting with. It usually helps if the relationship isn't focused on our mental health problems, but focused on having good communication, good interactions, and things like that, just like any other relationship in my life where mental health issues aren't at play. I hope that you'll find some of those links to pages useful.

    May you have peace, live long, and prosper.

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    Kindness & hugs.
    Hi welcome to the Fort...

    I can understand how your focus has been on managing your own issues...in my book it is a healthy response to attend and take care of yourself first...and I also know the energy that can take...can leave very little over to support others.

    I am please you are now in a space where you feel your have the reserves in you tank you need to gain a better understanding of your mother's way of being in the world. I hope reading the resources here helps you to understand a little more about your mother's diagnosis...that you can use this knowledge to increase your connection with your mother.

    For you.
    Rest in my arms precious child; cradled and warm. You are safe. The war is over.

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