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Thread: I'm being abused and I do t know what to do

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    I'm being abused and I do t know what to do

    Well I am 19 years old and I have a 4 month old son. Just the other day I had him in my hands and my husband pushed me on the bed and his head flew back as if that didn't scare me enough he started choking me. There have been many occasions of him putting his hands on me. He has choked me spit on me kicked me pushed me poured hot coffe on me bit me punched me pinched me hit me calles me names and he tells our baby to shut the f up and is just mean. I have no where to go and I don't have a car or a job. And advice?

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    hey guest

    totally hear how lost you feel, but violence just isnt ok, and there are plenty of services available to domestic violence victims. if you arent ready to just pack up, call 911, and have police escort you to a dv shelter right now - google where your local shelter is. they got various programs there for women like you - might be able to help with all sorts of things. employment, training, daycare, place to live, food to eat, transportation, therapy, lawyer, etc. yeah, staying in a dv shelter sucks - curfew, lockdown, women crying, kids running around, etc - but its a temp thing, and better than getting beat up daily and risking your sons life too. you'll get your own apartment that you'll be able to afford, thats the whole purpose of all those programs, to get you independent, to figure out what kinda help you need to get there, and to give it to you.

    heres a link to hotpeachpages.net - worldwide directory of various services available to dv victims. hope you find something near you that sounds promising. please be safe and keep your son safe too.

    ps: not to scare you, but felt it would be unfair not to mention - domestic violence victims actually can get in trouble if their partner hurts their kid. for failure to protect. like some moms end up in prison this way - if they knew their partner was violent, knew the kid might get hurt, and did nothing to protect him/her. im not scaring you and not judging you, i just hope you call police and leave the situation before things escalate to this point with you and your son...
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    I am wishing you strength and power to do that which is good for you and your child.
    take care.
    no one deserves to be beaten/ being abused.

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