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    My friend is coming out of a emotional abusive marriage. They were married last August and after the marriage is when he became abusive. Luckily she got out in October but is still feeling the affects of this love gone wrong. My question is how can I help her? Is there a book I can read or?

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    I'm glad your friend has someone who cares about her well-being after she's been through an abusive situation. If you browse through Fort's library for some resources, you might find some interesting pages that could apply to your situation. I personally like this page here, a personal note to those supporting their loved ones as they try to heal from abuse.

    What I've found the most helpful from my loved ones is for them to treat me as they would any other person--care for me, let me make my own decisions, don't try to villianize those who have abused me, support me as I go to those professionals who will give me the help I need to recover from my experiences, etc. My relationship with my loved ones hasn't changed because of my abuse, and I hope that they would still see me for the person they care about, not treat me with "kid gloves" or any other special treatment. I do like to be able to vent emotions sometimes, but just to release the emotional pressure that abuse has left me with. I don't want my friends to try to be my therapist, I just need them to be emotionally supportive. I'll sort through my trauma and its aftermath with my therapist, in that setting.

    I truly hope your friend is able to find healing from her experience, and I'm glad she has someone who cares about her well-being in her life. for you both.

    May you have peace, live long, and prosper.

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    Me too. In all truth we dated and trying to help her can be pretty hard at times

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    Me too. In all truth we dated and trying to help her can be pretty hard at times
    I agree it is one of the hardest things in the world to stand by and watch a loved one do what they have a right to do... make their own decisions when you see hurtful consequences that they are not able to see or ready to accept.

    I hope you have someone supporting you as you support your friend.
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    Thanks. Yeah I mean I want to help her even if she likes me or not. I just wish I knew if she did and how to help her. Thanks for all your opinions

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