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Thread: wife lied on police report

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    wife lied on police report

    My wife had me arrested for domestic violence. I did not touch her but cant prove it just like she cant prove i did touch her. I couldn't make bail so I plead no contest. I have a record and 3 years probation now. I have 100% proof she lied to police in the police report about what led to the argument. If i can prove multiple lies, can my conviction be overturned? Btw, she has been hitting me for years but i never called the police. Humiliating to be an abused man and tell on her.

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    i hear you
    sad situation really, im sorry this happened to you. both that shes abusive to you, and that you're the one who ended up with domestic violence conviction. totally unfair.
    we're no lawyers, cant really advise on legal matters, and they differ by location too (country/state you're in). i imagine it would be hard to overturn something you plead no contest to - but then again, what do i know...
    hope youre done with her though
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    Thanks Manya. Im glad someone is listening. The worst of it is that the one that is really hurting is my 12 yr old.

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    Kindness & hugs.
    Sorry that circumstances meant that your voice was not really heard when this case went to court. That's tough... inevitably means that you feel like justice was not served.

    I read somewhere that the incidence of abuse by women is pretty much the same as that by men...the difference?...women tend to not use physical violence as much as men and men often do not report abuse inflicted on them by women.

    I don't know if it appeals to you...but as an abuse survivor you are welcome to become a member here at the Fort (registration link is in the main page header). All of us here know what it is like to live with abuse...so plenty of members (including a good number of men) to share and discuss things with.

    For you.
    Rest in my arms precious child; cradled and warm. You are safe. The war is over.

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