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Thread: Fort very useful for self evaluation

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    Cool Fort very useful for self evaluation

    Ya know I used to think that I was strange and very possibly sick in the head. I am currently in a treatment program, because I abused alcohol. The Doc adjusted my meds for depression and I'm feeling a lot better these days. One of my girls (daugher) to you folks north of the Mason/Dixon, gave me an article she got somewhere about PA people. Long story short I traced it back to here, and found a wealth of material to explain my behavior. I thought all my life that there was something wrong with me,(and there still maybe), but some of the stuff on Passive/Aggressives opened my eyes to the behavior of some of the people closest to me, my mom (80 yoa) my ex-wife (60+) and my wife (50+) all from the same small southern, rural, town. I have begun to use the advice about how to handle PA's and I'm doing a lot better. They seem better towards me too. Thanks Fort for the info. It's helped me so I've got to believe it can help others. Haven't felt this empowered in years.
    J. W.

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    Thanks for the positive feed-back jw...It is great that coming here is helping...that the PA article you traced back to the Fort has increased your insight and ability to self care. Great that that the recent adjustment to your meds has made you feel more stable.
    Rest in my arms precious child; cradled and warm. You are safe. The war is over.

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