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Thread: Emotional Child Abuse

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    Emotional Child Abuse

    I am going to be a stepmother for the first time. I have been dating my fiance for 3 years and he just recently asked me to marry him. I get along well with his three children except when their mother gets involved. She maniuplates them so much that even when we have a great time with them and they go back to her house happy, something bad comes of it. She questions them incessantly about what we did, what we said, etc. She has put so much stress on her daughters that her middle child has been living with us for a year. She still manipulates her though when she does decide to go to her mom's house. I really feel bad for the kids, my heart breaks for them because you can tell they want to have a relationship with us and they want to have fun with us but their mother is literally prohibiting it!! Is this abuse on the behalf of the mom? The entire family is really confused on how to handle this without damaging the kids any further.

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    Hmm, well I have to think about it.... HUGS ARE NICE :)
    It is a form of child abuse. The mother feels threatened and therefore tries these tactics so she looks better in the eyes of her children. I would suggest counseling (but the mother would have to agree). Children are smart and can see, or eventually see, that their mother is the one causing trouble.

    Unfortunate thing is, they are children and they rely on some type of parent for guidance, food, clothing and shelter that they cannot provide for themselves. In the end things will usually peak and the children will take strong sides. Just hope they dont take the mothers side if this is happening.

    I was a victim of this kind of abuse and because of her constant overbearing verbal, psychological abuse I took my fathers side. So did most of my siblings. It is just hard to take sides when it is stressful as a kid and you dont want anyone to be angry with you. All in all, we all hoped that our parents would work things out and get back together like "normal" people with "normal" families.

    I hope all the best and welcome to the Fort.
    "My beginning was not normal by any stretch of the imagination, but now as an adult I hold the streering wheel to my own future." - mickeygirl98

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