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Thread: Just asking

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    Trisha Guest

    Just asking

    I was raped at 14 years old...my mom...just called me a whore!...I am now 44 years old...should I forgive her?...I don't think I can...my sister keeps trying to get me too..butt I just can't forgive her....she just put me out ...how can I ?

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    hugs butterflies and flowers are all good.
    Trisha, I am sorry this happened to you and you have lived through this for a long time, the question of forgiveness is a personal one I believe you were hurt and rejected and it is a lot to forgive. wishing you well on your decisions and your healing
    Fear is what stops you. Courage is what keeps you going. anon
    Unicorns are amazing, I am amazing, therefore i am a unicorn. my daughter aged 11

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    I'm sorry you were raped it's a terrible crime.

    I ask myself instead have they earned my trust again, are they safe, am I able to protect myself from Mother & sister.
    I read the article in the library here on mother narcissists it's life changing!
    I wouldn't speak to them unless they were near to death I'd enjoy my life.

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