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Thread: Wondering about victims rights.

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    Wondering about victims rights.

    I am a survivor of domestic violence. My abuser is the father of my 2 children. When I finally decided to leave he kidnapped me (at 8 months pregnant and my 4 year old) for three miserable days. I was assaulted with a knife and threatened with my childs life if I left, I finally got away when he fell asleep. I moved away and lost all contact, hiding for all these years. Now its 10 years later, he has 3 children with a young girl who is going through the same thing. She has left and I took her to get a restraining order and an emergency custody order today. County police told us that they would pick him up and hold him until next week when they had a hearing on her behalf. I live about 50 miles away, when I got home today, she called upset because the police didn't pick him up. He is in a mental health facility, so they say. I want to make sure that it is true. I want to make sure that he is actually there and she is safe. I'm afraid that he might be stalking her and I can't save her. He has family that works in the court house and with the police, he has gotten away with this for too long. The law is protecting him. So my question is.... Does she have rights to call the mental health to ask if he is a patient? Does she have rights to know when he will be released?

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    It would be a good idea to call a domestic abuse support agency now and also encourage this other woman he abused to call one now.

    Staff from a domestic abuse support agency have training and resources to help in a situation like this. A staff member from such an agency may be able to support this woman by advocating for her in the legal system. These agencies can also make other resources available to help her and her children stay safe. She does not have to go to a shelter to get this assistance.

    To locate a domestic abuse support agency you can go to the Fort Library article “Domestic Violence Support Links" here: http://www.fortrefuge.com/domestic.html.

    I have called domestic abuse support lines up to two and a half hours away from where I lived to talk about what I was going through and to find out what resources they could offer me. A woman does not have to want or need to go to a shelter to receive support and services.

    When I experienced something a bit similar, I was able to call the hospital and pass along information about the abuser's mental health for his doctor. I did this by not asking if he was there. This was simply one-way communication from me to the facility. I was fortunate because I called to pass along information from his outpatient treatment team every day and one day a nurse told me that he had been released early. I didn't have a right to that information, but I was glad she told me.

    Maybe the county attorney's office would voluntarily say if he's released from a facilty, if the woman he abuses explains her situation and asks. The county attorney's office may not be involved or become involved. That depends on if he is going to be prosecuted. Even if they are involved, they may not let her know when he is released and they may not know themselves. A staff member from a local domestic abuse support agency is likely to be able to get any available information (if there is any) from a law enforcement agency or a county attorney's office more easily than an abuse survivor. This is why the advocacy service of domestic abuse support agencies is often extremely helpful.

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    In the country I live n which is not the u.s. only the in-patients named next of kin would be given this information (and probably only with the inpatient person's consent). However if there is an active restraining order in place the police may be able to take action to keep her and her children safe.

    Have you and her considered contacting a domestic violence hot-line for assistance? They may be able provide this young woman and her children with accommodation in one of their safe houses and offer her support.

    I admire the decency and courage you are showing in supporting your ex' current partner and her children.

    For you.
    Rest in my arms precious child; cradled and warm. You are safe. The war is over.

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    If the girl is married to him then she probably have a right to know if he is in the mental facility. More then likely they will not tell her when he gets released because they usually don't know until the day it happens.

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