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Thread: Worried about 12 year old niece ...how can I help?

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    Worried about 12 year old niece ...how can I help?

    My former sister in law is emotionally abusing my niece but is perfectly charming in person. She has ZERO interest in her education;she says "it's not her thing". She doesnt want her to have friends over on HER weekend because its HEr time.if my niece doesn't answer her mothers call,she goes ballistic.my niece freaks out if she can't find her phone. Years ago my sister in law shop lifted a d she blamed it on my niece to get out of it. It goes on and on. Her dad got her a therapist on the dl but her mom found out and talks to the therapist. My niece says the therapist tells her mom what she says. It's getting to the point where she is Brainwashing my niece. What can I do?

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    I'm sorry to hear what your niece is going through, but so glad to hear that she has people in her life that recognize what is happening and are in her corner. It's too bad about the therapist, and just makes the whole situation harder for the poor kid. There are hotlines that she can call for support, and if the abuse is bad enough you can always call children services, though that is a very difficult decision to make.

    Just having someone that she can talk to safely may mean the world to her. A lot of times people go through abuse like this and because the person doing it appears "perfect" in public no one believes them. At least if she has someone that believes her she will not be so alone.
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    There are places you can call for support. I don't have phone numbers at hand. You might feel better to hear what people who regularly work with children make of this negative, hurtful situation.

    It is possible to find a therapist for a child who will not give details to a parent about what a child says in therapy, if those details may be used to hurt the child.

    You could call around to child psychologist and ask for an appointment to air your concerns. Professionals like that would know which concrete things can be done to give your niece support. Once you hear what can be done, you can also pass information along to a parent, if you think that parent will be supportive.

    I'm so glad that you are thinking of your niece's well-being. Sometimes little things like sending her a package with a favorite food item and a happy card can mean a lot to a child who is having difficulties at home.

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