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Thread: about my name

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    paststeldears Guest

    about my name

    the reason i wanted to use the name was be cause when i was about 8 years old i had a dream that there were 2 dear out side my window in the orchard. and they were blue and pink. I never forgot them dont no why. but good memories. Now I am bi g and brave and strong. I have come a long way and a short way and a happy way. Not sure how to talk to people socialy this way yet. have to work on it. hope everyone has a great spring holiday. ta ta for now.

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    I live on hugs.
    I'm glad you've found us. I'm also glad to hear that you've come so far in your healing.

    "You're only given one little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it." -- Robin Williams
    "Don't be afraid of the shadows, that only means there's a light nearby." -- Evanescence
    "So when you’re feeling crazy, and things fall apart, listen to your head, remember who you are." -- Three Days Grace
    "But I am not really worried, I am not overly concerned. You try to tell yourself the things you tell yourself to make yourself forget." -- Counting Crows
    "Our brains are sick, but that's OK!"
    "Peace will win and fear will lose."

    "And I will say that we should take a moment and hold it, and keep it frozen and know that life has a hopeful undertone."
    "It ain't the speakers that bump hearts, it's our hearts that make the beat!" -- twenty øne piløts |-/

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    Love them.


    Thanks for sharing the dream that inspired your name.

    I hope your spring is fun, too.

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