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Thread: Info on DID

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    Quote Originally Posted by purpleclouds View Post
    You asked about childhood abuse though--it's my understanding that it doesn't have to be abuse necessarily--just intense stress. Like I've heard of children developing DID from medical issues....other ongoing traumas...
    This is such a critical note that not everyone is aware of, and I'm glad you mentioned it. By and large, most of the major literature out there will tell you that DID is the result of long-term, chronic abuse. Some newer theories include disorganized attachment as a necessary component as well, but "abuse" is the key word you'll generally see used.

    However, as Purpleclouds indicates, the term "abuse" is probably better expanded to the term "trauma," as DID does not seem to exclusively develop from physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. DID is also reported in adults who were raised in war zones, had perpetual early childhood hospitalizations, had undergone continual drug complications, and/or had frequent/chaotic changes in parental custody. Those are just a few examples. The qualifications for the condition appear to be more encompassing than what was originally considered, but the persistent theme is long-term childhood stress, pain, and/or chaos.

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    Thank you both this is very helpful and helps me to understand better. Trauma and stress can cause it not just "abuse" thank you for pointing this out. This is why I was asking please forgive my ignorance on the topic.

    The info on dissociating (i.e. : highway driving ,etc) was really helpful. I know someone who does this and so perhaps it's dissociating but not DID. That's exactly what I was wondering. Thank you so much for the info this helps so much

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    Useful Information

    This was a really helpful read. I'm trying to sort out where I am in this mess. My therapist keeps using words like integrate and dissociate but no one has officially offered a diagnosis. Thanks for posting.

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    Kindness & hugs.
    Don't know if you have dipped into the library unsure. Have some interesting articles there (some written by members) that you may find useful. Coming here provided me with the opportunity to actually meet others who shared my dx. Until this point my options to learn more were limited to reading text book articles (which depending on the views of the author presented a various range of sometimes conflicting) info or try and get my head round the 'enhanced for dramatic effect' portrayals of DID offered by the media.

    Was a relief to come here and to see that DID is not necessarily the life disrupting force that many think it is...in my case it does cause me a few challenges but with work and experience I have learned how to manage them to minimize their impact on my (even if I say it myself) no less functional and as productive as the next person's life.
    Rest in my arms precious child; cradled and warm. You are safe. The war is over.

    Off for a while. Searching for the end of the tangle that is my life

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