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Thread: Info on DID

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    Everything unless said otherwise :D
    Oh I'm so happy to have read this! This will defiantly help us in therapy and in social situations! thank you bunches >:<>:<>:<>:<

    There are 16 of us here.
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    Ask first, please :). Terms of endearment fine.
    dis good stuffs to knows
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    NO hugs peesee
    you veree welkoems kimi
    jus peesee memer ifn you uus anee of its
    to nkluud tha kopeeriit an stufs
    heer it ems for yous in kaas you needs it

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    I don't understand it so I avoid it.
    I read this, and like 65% of the stuff or better seems to apply, it is helpful, and confusing in many ways. I have tried to keep and open mind, there just seems to be this instinctual fear wrapped around dealing with any of this.

    Need to read more and expand my horizons.

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    Nice job kami....learned some things reading your post. Great information, thanks rebos! high5

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    Thank you

    The information you provided answered some questions that I have been having about what is going on in my world. I really appreciated the fact that is was answered by someone that is stuggling with answers as I am. Thanks again

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    Warm Hugs and Daisy Petals


    Kami! Hi! We wont give you a hug cause we don't want to get bit! lol

    But we do want to say thank you for such an excellent description of what it is to be DID. Even our T does not understand that some who come out and take over the body are not doing inappropriate things. One time, one came out and got us a job and was working it for three weeks before the rest of us knew what was going on! They just wanted to get things handled. We are trying hard to learn how to be co-conscious and have meetings and get to know everyone. There are many here at the Fort that we have thanked for their help! You are now definitely one of those people!

    So Thank You,

    from all of us,
    to all of you!!
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    thank you for puttimg that up

    Thank you for sharing that with us, that was very helpful, Thank you.

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    good information spun in a positive way, I am new to this and scared, this helped a bit

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    In love with a DID man. Need advice and support.

    I donít know if I need help or advice or just someone understanding to talk to. The man I love, Steve, has DID. He has always been open with me about it although he claims he doesnít just come out and tell people about it. So I donít know if that makes me special to him or what. I still donít know why he chose to tell me. Anyway, he and I are not in a relationship per se. Weíre just friends but I want more.

    The problem is I donít think his alter, Andy, likes me. (He only has the one). Andy has never made it clear why he doesnít like me and it may not even be dislike but just distrust. I know he doesnít want a relationship. Steve, on the other hand, does want a relationship. At least one in general; heís never expressed wanting one with me. Iím not even sure if Steve likes me in that way even though we have shared very non-sexual intimate moments. Lately, these moments have led to very good sexual encounters.

    Steve knows Iím in love with him. Or should I say Iíve told him I love him. Iím not sure he ďknowsĒ. But heís never verbally expressed any feelings for me. He has said that even though he wants a relationship (in general), he doesnít think his situation will allow it because he and Andy want different things. He says he wants a girl to love him unconditional. And I do. He just doubts me every time.

    So I know Andy is like his protector but I think he is the one hindering all of Steveís relationships. Andy tries to convince Steve that all girls are out to hurt him. I think he has stepped away from merely protecting him to now controlling him. Of course I canít tell Steve this because I donít want to upset Andy and sabotage our relationship.

    Another thing: I canít tell them apart (unless Iím being verbally attached and my intentions are being questioned.) So I believe I love Andy too. Even though they are separate, they are both still Steve. (Correct me if I am wrong about that.) And I love Steve completely.

    How do I convince Andy that my love for Steve is real? How do I convince him that I donít want to hurt Steve and that I am in this for life? I donít feel like I really need to try to convince Steve anymore because I think he only doubts me because Andy tells him to.

    And should I even try to pursue a relationship with someone who cannot express his feelings for me verbally. I can feel the love when heís with me, but I donít know it without hearing the words. Then thereís the part of me that feels it is wrong to want a relationship with Steve if Andy is not on board. What Steve does affects Andy and what Andy doesnít do or wonít allow affects Steve. It seems one of them will have to compromise.

    But I donít want to live my life without him, without them. I want an intimate relationship with Andy, one that can lead to a long lasting marriage to Steve. Is this even possible? I should mention that all three of us are in our 30s.

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