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  • 07-09-2018, 04:18 PM
    I am so sorry you feel so alone, like you have lost everything.

    Have had periods in my life when I have felt like this so can relate to some degree. Just wondering if you have considered reaching out to your local DV shelter...they have the expertise and resources to support those in 'not ok' relationships. If doing this appeals they can help you look at your options...what support is available for those in your position. And if you decide to leave help you to develop a plan to do this as safely as possible. Know getting this kind of support - helped me to see that I did indeed have options...not the ones I would necessarily have chosen but ones that could help me to start to take some control back over my life - to begin to feel in charge of my own ship.

    Hope what I have shared may also like to click on our library link in the header - look at some of the resources there
    Mod edit: spoiled word in your thread titles as it is one we know from experience that some viewers find too triggering
  • 07-09-2018, 03:16 PM

    S****'s martyr

    I'm new to this. I'm alone...completely. no friends,no family. I had once at 26 years old a 182,000 home, three children, two college degrees, a mother whom I was caring for tried to commit suicide in front of my children and then refused to leave my home. Because of this, I lost my home as it was easier for the mortgage to take the home back rather than the eviction process....had my mother just left, I would still have everything I worked so hard for. I ended up homeless with three children....the father who was in and out had no idea but upon meeting his girlfriend decided they wanted to play house and decided to not return my children to me....I'm now going through the court system....he took them for a visit and never called again.....I landed in a very controlling relationship with the only person who seems to love me....I sit alone inside a room all day...i miss the sun. Every regime is monitored from eating to showering. My thoughts are not my own and i don't dare to feel my own feelings....I've kept alot of details to myself...I'msimply alone and every day trying to accept that this is the life I will have because what else is there? I have no one and no where to go....

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