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  • 07-07-2018, 08:24 AM
    i hear what youre saying. we obviously cant give medical advice, in an anonymous setting online and all, but you've probably read that dissociation is a spectrum rather than a yes/no thing. most people dissociate to some extent or another, just sometimes it reaches a degree where it starts interfering with your functioning. like you cant work, cant maintain relationships, cant manage your money, your memory is fragmented (e.g. you find yourself in strange places and dont remember how you got there, or see things that you apparently bought and dont remember doing it, etc). we got a fun page about these things, You Know You've Got DID When..., cuz gotta either laugh or cry, we prefer to laugh there are no meds for DID, but therapy can help, if one is motivated to make changes. processing the old trauma that caused it to begin with, learning better coping skills, negotiating compromises (or win/win solutions) - does help, to improve quality of life.

    im not a psychiatrist, but i have DID, and auditory hallucinations (hearing sounds that nobody else hears, like voices, noises, music, static, etc) - thats kinda a whole other domain. when im co-conscious (which didnt happen overnight either, took years of work in therapy), im aware of thoughts that are happening in my head but that i dont recognize as my own (cuz my identity is dissociated, split into fragments/alters/parts/whatever you wanna call them). however, being aware of thoughts isnt same as hearing sounds. i dont actually hear anything through my ears, thats a whole other type of symptom, and there are meds for it. can take a few tries (psychiatric meds affect everyone differently), but if thats really what youre experiencing - your doc should be able to find the right meds for you and hallucinations would stop.

    up to you what to do of course, but diagnosing oneself can do a lot more harm than good; docs dont self-dx either, they see other docs, even if they are experts in the field...

    for you
  • 07-07-2018, 06:26 AM


    Iíve started to research my behaviour online and realised I probably have did so I went to the doctor. But they asked if I heard voices in my head and I said no but Iíve just realised I do hear voices in my head. Itís like all the different people are in my head and we have conversations and now Iím freaking out that Iím crazy and Iím terrified of what to do

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