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  • 10-07-2017, 07:22 PM
    I an so sorry that the wrongful stuff in your past is coming back to haunt disrupting your life and sense of wellbeing. Like you I also pushed events I couldn't bear to think about or deal with to the back of my mind. Was a coping measure for me - one that worked in the short term - enable me to go to school, have a career, however not so much in the longer-term. Like you the memories and such that I felt I had buried eventually burst through...burst through with so much intensity that I could no longer ignore them.

    Thing that helped me was to work with a trauma therapist...someone who had the skill needed to support me as I started the painful task of acknowledging and processing the historical crimes that had been committed against me. Main thing she did was help me pace this keep it as manageable as possible. Important in my (think in most peoples cases) as it was important for me to remain as functional as possible - work and solo parenting wise.

    I hope what I have shared helps you to feel less alone. May I invite you to join our community if you feel this would help? Other thing is (that you may have already found ) is that we have some resources in our library (some written by members) that you may find help you to see your options...your way forward.

    For you
  • 10-07-2017, 04:16 PM

    I don't know what to do

    I was sexually abused by a family member when I was a lot younger and generally I always made an attempt not to think about it until very recently when I just couldn't get away from it. It's pulled me into a depression and it's all I can think about and as wrong as it sounds it makes me feel useless and like I will never fit in. The truth is no body will ever understand what I'm going through and that hurts because I feel like I am always the outsider. I was just a kid I didn't deserve that and now I'm just stuck in this cycle of self hatred and I have nobody to talk to about these things and that makes it even worse because I keep it bottled up and I need a release I was hoping to get on this website

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