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Inner Expressions (Moderated Group)

*TW* Artwork may contain graphic representations of self-injury, de*th, religious content, etc.

Images & visual graphics sometimes impact us on a different level than words. Our minds take in the image all at once, there is no assimilating it one letter at a time, or softening it with a spoiler. It's all or nothing.

For that reason I have created this group, to share YOUR art--born of your pain, struggle & healing--in all it's horrible, beautiful truth.

Please come share the creativity that has helped you express what's in your heart. Feel free to post drawing, paintings, photographs, anything VISUAL based (Sorry, this group isn't for poetry, etc.) A description of what the piece means to you & how it developed (from heart to paper) would encourage discussion & support from other members!

Also, if you are like me you love browsing art on the internet. If you come across an image you'd like to share upload a pic of it in the "Group Photos" section so we can all see!

Please note that contents of this group are visible to everyone, including unregistered guests.

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