Star Trek: Discovery thoughts

  1. Tasha1701D
    I've been watching Star Trek: Discovery and so far have mixed feelings about this new series. I do find it very interesting and am curious where they're going to go, but some of the elements have surprised me. For one, before last week, I'd never heard the F word in Star Trek, ever. I kind of missed the next ten minutes of the episode because I was so shocked. I gave the next episode a chance, and I liked the episode because of the various aspects it explored about Vulcan culture and Michael's back story, but I'm still kind of wary of the show. I'm going to keep watching because of course, it's Star Trek, but I'm kind of sad that I've already considered giving the show up.
  2. theredmarker
    Hullooooooo. I finished watching it all recently! I did really like it. Seemed like a high-quality production all around. I wasn't personally bothered by the swear words, but I can understand how that would be jarring. >_> It's lol. I think what I liked most was the complexity of the characters, and watching their growth as the series went on. I liked the overarching story aspect, as opposed to the kind of adventure-of-the-week that TOS and TNG had going on.

    Some parts were hard to watch, 'cause they were so brutal. But I'm glad it tried to tackle difficult subjects. I think it handled them with sympathy and grace.
  3. Tasha1701D
    I really like the complexity of the characters too. I really like Michael, and that's why I've kept watching. The second part of the season is supposed to air starting in January and I'm definitely looking forward to it. I hope they keep developing Michael's and Tilly's characters. I don't really like the captain, as demonstrated by the fact that I can't even remember his name right now. I liked the kind of backstory stuff that they're doing with Michael and Vulcans as well. I hope it continues to get better. As usual with any Trek, the first season is often shaky as the actors and crew try to find their spots. I'm gonna stick with it through at least season 2, hoping that there is a second season. Hehe.
  4. theredmarker
    What I'm most looking forward to, I think, is seeing what happens with can't remember his name, either. The engineering head who put stuff on his arms so he can channel the spore drive. I'm interested to see what effects it has all had on him and how they're all gonna try to deal with it. .___.
  5. Tasha1701D
    yeah I can't remember his name either, but I know who you're talking about. I was irritated that I knew exactly what was gonna happen in the mid-season finale. I was like, this is SOOOO transparent that I guessed in the first couple of minutes of the show. I really liked the tardigrade animal thing. I was glad that they set it free. I was sad that they were using it the way they were.
  6. freshair
    This is my favourite absolutely favourite show.
    I've always loved sci-fi and I've always loved star trek... discovery just seems to be boldly going to where no-one has gone before....
    I love the diversity of the cast, the crew..
    I wonder if there is a good Lorca (the captain) or is he dead??
    The star character "Michael" is amazing. She has made her mistakes... but she doesnt let them define her.... The science is completely over my head lol but the concepts are pretty cool to me...
    I am so excited to watch the episodes when I can.
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