Damaged discs?

  1. theredmarker
    So I have an Xbox360. Had it a few years, now. Have a handful of games on it. One game is Skyrim. I've played it a lot. Like...a lot. And I've noticed the disc has circular scratches on it, around the disc, kind of like it was put on an old record player and had the needle dragging across it. 'Cause I'm careful with my discs, and that doesn't look like a human-made accidental scratch.

    So I'm wondering: is it possible the Xbox itself harmed the disc? Does this happen over time, with use? I'm not super upset about it or anything; after all, I seem to have literally played this game to death. It struggles to load files at all, and some of the textures are missing so the objects are just...purple. >_>

    Anyway, just wondering if this has ever happened to anyone else.
  2. Kaianni
    This had happened to me before with my XBOX360 it happened to several disks actually.
    My brother and I eventually realized it would happen if the 360 was moved while the disk was spinning in it, my brother and I thought the laser burned it.
    I actually asked about this in my Chemistry class in college and my teacher laughed about the laser burn idea, that a laser wouldn't do that.
    But a classmate pitched in and said a part of the 360 would though...

    So in your case my guess would be whatever part moved when we moved our 360 when the disk was still spinning (had unplugged it to move it but not waited for it to stop, got unplugged and fell over at the same time (dogs)) might have been sticking up for whatever reason/or moving for whatever reason while the disk was spinning and then creating that circular scratch.

    Also I think my brother and I noticed it would happen if we moved the 360 a lot while the disk was in it, even if it wasn't currently spinning.
    Idk I liked using the 360s but they had a lot of problems mechanically.
  3. theredmarker
    I think you may be right. Most of what I have read on the topic seems to be pointing in that direction, too. And I have moved my 360 while it was running, not knowing/remembering that was unwise. o_O Lately I've been researching ways to repair the scratches. At-home remedies haven't worked for me so far (I tried to toothpaste method and that made it worse), so I've been considering getting one of those disc refurbisher machines that do really light sanding and/or waxing of the disc to make it readable again. Or I might just call my local game store and ask if they offer that kind of service. Idk. Haven't decided yet.

    Thanks for the response!
  4. Jess
    My Xbox 360 ruined load of my disks! They ended up all laser burnt around the outside, might have been cause mine was old but I have a PS4 now that I never use other than to watch dvds...

    If it's laser burned there is nothing you can do, if it's just scratches it might be worth investing in a I think it's called disk doctor, they take the surface layer off a disk I had one years ago as a kid and it saved all of my games
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