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  1. jlc20m
    Watching Criminal Minds right now. Good program with good acting. Some episodes I can't watch because they are extremely triggering. Don't tell anyone, but sometimes I love to watch the oldees like Mash, The Golden Girls, All In The Family, Are You Being Served. My absolute favorite is Twilight Zone. I wanted to buy the whole set on DVD, but s it's expensive! jlc20m et al
  2. Thesinister
    Hey! I always thought that I don't like television but it turned out that I only hate Russian TV. I like a lot of shows! I started over-watching (is that a word?) Friends couple of days ago. And I watch Family Guy or American Dad when I eat and I laugh so hard, I choke...
  3. newgirl
    Hi there! I love Friends too. I have every season on dvd and have watched them multiple times over the years!
  4. Iris
    I love The Walking Dead. Zombie violence does not count ha.
    I find there are not a lot of good comedies on now and when I find one I like they cancel it. I watch Mom and The Goldbergs, Fresh Off the Boat and Dr. Ken.

    I mostly like reality TV like survivor and amazing race.

    I love Law & Order but it can trigger me. I like the fact that they usually get justice in the end.

  5. Iris
    Forgot to mention The Big Bang Theory any TBBT fans out there?
  6. newgirl
    Oh definitely! Im watching Big Bang right now!!! Love that show! Always makes me laugh no matter what,and there's a lot to be said for that!
  7. Iris
    I love Sheldon.
  8. Phosphorror
    I think my favorite shows at the moment are The Venture Bros., Jessica Jones, and BoJack Horseman. Jessica Jones really touched me, I found it very relatable. Not often you see a main character with PTSD.
  9. Cloudy
    This Is Us
  10. Iris
    love this is us cloudy
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