They say "therapy" is a treatment?

  1. Phosphorror
    I've recently come to terms with the fact that we suffer from chronic pain, and have for a long time now (though it has gotten progressively worse since college.) We have been diagnosed with POTS for about.. Six years now? And that confers a lot of physical limitations. But it seems we have actual pain - some sort of problem with our musculoskeletal system, but with no apparent cause. The physical therapist suspects fibromyalgia but I haven't been diagnosed with anything. I'm starting physical therapy to help strengthen muscles.

    So I guess my question is, I hear that therapy (both physical and mental) can help with this sort of pain. Has anyone found that making progress on trauma memories/therapy/general DID/PTSD stuff helped? What about doing physical therapy?
  2. purpleclouds
    I did PT for a while (a couple times for I think 10 weeks each maybe?) for a similar reason and it seemed to show strength improvement the first time when they did evaluations. The second time around I had to stop because the pain was too bad and they wouldn't see me anymore.

    There was a T I saw briefly that was going to do somatic therapy and/or EMDR with me (which I learned later is sometimes okay to do with DID but apparently very not okay do with RA ) who seemed to think that that was the key to healing the pain. She thought that maybe my fibro symptoms (which actually route from another physical condition) were one big body memory. So perhaps therapy would help? I obviously ended up not doing EMDR...and then she did something weird recently and so I haven't seen her for any of that. I'm not sure if I've noticed a change in physical stuff with therapy because honestly, stuff has only gotten worse over the past 8 years BUT I honestly don't think there has been a correlation (As in therapy has NOT made it worse).

    I know another T I see is training in biofeedback because she thinks that's the key to helping those with POTS/dysautonomia (which is something I'm in the confirmation process of right now) related to trauma. Idk if that is an option for you at all. I don't know much about it.

  3. weepingwillow
    PT and trying to get fit in general has made a big difference in my pain levels. I think it very much depends on what issue you're having. I have a lot of joint/tendon/ligament issues, so strengthening the muscles around them helps to support them. If there was a different problem pt could make it worse. If the pt thinks it's a good idea I'd go for it. They don't usually recommend it if they think it will make things worse.

    I have also had less pain as I work in t. I'm not sure how that correlates though honestly because being in t helped me get out of the house and start exercising and stuff. So it had a direct effect in that regard, but as far as somatic memories and stuff idk. I'm never quite sure which are which anyway. I've also never worked specifically on reducing somatic memories, it was other trauma processing work we did.

    That probably was not very helpful. Sorry.
  4. Catalyst4Change
    T can help for sure. I found I had adrenal fatigue in addition to the fibro like pain. Trauma can cause the fight or flight system to break causing too much or too little of certain hormones. For me, getting good sleep, keeping active by walking, getting outside, eating decently & attending to the adrenal fatigue are also crucial.
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