Dont like feeling this way.

  1. Sports_momma#2
    Hello, My name is Becky and I have just joined fort in last few days. I joined this group so on the days i feel so alone i can get some help from others who know how I feel. I used to be a out going, fun, social person. Most of my jobs I have to deal with people daily. I have just recently found out I have PTSD, severe depression, major anxiety. I have felt drawn back from even my children and husband. i have slowly became someone I dont know anymore. In light of finding out the thingswrong with me, is a direct resultof things that happened to me through my childhood. All these years i thought I was fine and the trauma didnt bother me. But truley it has and trying to learn how to deal with all of this and move forward. It would help if some days I didnt feel like the only person who feels this way. Lonley, sad, mad, angry all at the same time. I moved away from all my chilkdhood friends 5 years ago and they were the people i used to talk about my problems to. Now I feel like I dont know them and feel judged by them now. I dont like feeling this way and have to learn how to open up to people again. Very hard for me to do.
    Everyone here at fort have a great day, see y'all around
  2. pinkelephant
    Oh we can so relate to this, and it is so very hard to not only deal with these emotions, but also to re-learn opening up to people. Such a scary thing!

    How are you doing now? It's been a few months since you posted this.
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