just need a place to say my thoughts

  1. homeless&alone
    Hi guys

    aint been on for awhile as life did improve somewhat. I am living back at home with my disabled brother and mum again after leaving my last partner. I suffer with crohns, hiatus hernia & undiagnosed bipolar {keep being told it depression} and high blood pressure all at the age of 30!!

    Well my past of violent father when i grow up effected my brother. So much so he has been violent in the past to me an my mother.
    I've been home just over a year and all has been well. But the last few days his temper is back, keeps flying off in a temper slamming doors and throwing things. He been swearing at me and getting up in my face came close to hitting me today. Making me feel worthless and bringing on my suicidal thoughts.

    he has sever crohns too and walking issues and on antidepressants yet, when we tell our gp about his violent and abusive behaviour they just say make an appointment you take him and he acts normal. When actually i think hes autistic but again never gets anywhere near being diagnosed. I no longer have any girlfriends to off load they all deserted me after my mental breakdown. I dont work due to my health so cant move out. Just sick of abusive behaviour.

    Came on here to off load and try an de stress as been told to try take it easy from hopeless gp that never does much anyway thanks for letting me off load was wondering if anyone else been in this position.
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