what do you study?

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  1. Elle13
    looks like no one's posted here in a while, so i thought i'd share too. i have a business degree and a criminology degree (with a minor in forensic science) and about 9 months left until i finish my masters in intelligence. i love school....sometimes i think i might keep going, but who knows. it keeps my brain busy
  2. Phosphorror
    I have a psych degree and am in the process of getting into grad school for cognitive neuroscience. I LOVE it. It's one of my driving passions in life. If I don't get in this year, definitely next year.
  3. BugGirl793
    I have an associates in computer programming, and am working on a bachelors of equine science. In other words, horse trainer and researcher by day, programmer by night.
  4. biqararam
    Hey all I do a joint honours MA in English LIterature and Persian, it's really fun! I'd like to do an MSc and maybe even a PhD after I'm done, but I'll see where I am (and how my bank balance looks...)
  5. rainbowpigeon
    No degree yet. Currently studying for a B.S. in Software Development while also pursuing front-end design and marketing on the side. Basically, going back to school after 8~9 years... a bit nervous! When I'm not busy with job skills type stuff, I usually study a foreign language of some sort. Always have to learn!
  6. Solitary
    I am not sure what I want to study....I am working towards my associates degree
  7. SpaceFlowers
    I'm doing an English Literature degree from home. I have to start with a general course in The Arts though, called The Arts Past and Present. So that's where I'm at right now. There's some English Literature involved though.
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