Biggest struggle while studying or being in class

  1. JustMeM
    I thought it would be a great idea to share our struggles that we have while studying or sitting in class.
  2. JustMeM
    My struggles while studying:
    I want to study, but then I start stressing about my studies, then I feel like i have to relax myself before I study and then the cycle continues... Am I the only one X_x
  3. BugGirl793
    You are not alone, I get the same way if it is close to midterms or finals. When I sit down to study I start stressing over how I just have to remember everything.

    In class, I get bored. It's really annoying because I love learning, so I love class, but I have a terrible attention span. If it's a lab or hands on class, or has a lot of activities, I can usually do fine, but if it's just lecturing I zone out very easily no matter how hard I try to pay attention.
  4. Phosphorror
    I have trouble making it to class entirely, and I have trouble summing up the will to do out of class work. It's gotten a bit better now that I delegate tasks to specific aspects of myself.
  5. JustMeM
    BugGirl: When I used to get bored in class or distracted I used to start doodling. It can be anything from mindless scribbles to pictures. I dont know your class situation, but we were allowed to take notes during class where I would write down some important words that pop up and draw pictures about it. Like stick-figure cartoons. When we used to work out of text books I used to draw pictures in the textbooks and when studying looking in my books it was kinda uplifting to see all my pictures and somehow made me associate the work with my pictures. Its something you can maybe try.

    Phosphorror, I had the same problem when I still had to go to class. I had to reward myself with these huge chocolate chip muffins they only sold at our campus store for going to class. It was bad for my health but it made me have a motivation to go to class. It also helps if you try and find a study buddy, I sometimes struggle to keep promises to myself, but to friends I dont have a problem and tend to keep it. So if you maybe have someone you can share notes with it might help you.
  6. BluesBigs
    I find the worse thing, is that we get bored and then everyone inside starts talking and trying to make me laugh.. I get so distracted in what is going on inside that I kind of forget i'm in a classroom surrounded with people.. Or when everyone wants to do one subject like biology and you are continuously switching for 2 hours cos one isnt happy that your writing in a certain colour! I swear are notes look like a kids sketch book half the time! Or when a kid decides that NOW is the time to draw and it can't wait a few hours till we get home.. So yep.. the drawing starts and theres no talking them out of it and they have enough power to fight you off when you try to grab them back inside! -.-
  7. BugGirl793
    JustMeM - That's a great idea! Would have helped me quite a bit in high school. Unfortunately, I have to type most of my notes now, because doing drill team all through high school messed up my wrists. I can write maybe a page before my wrist stops working, but then I won't be able to move it for a week. I will definitely try that with my textbooks, though!
  8. Solitary
    When I study it depends if I am still at school when I study or if I am at home when I am studying. If at school I tend to bring a book or my laptop with me, I get stressed out a bit.... especially around midterms and finals. uggh college finals and midterms. If i am stressed out i stop take a break and then get back to it. if that does not help I talk with a few people or just write things down. When in class sometimes I experience the need/want to leave or just not be there. this is hard when I have to be there for notes or labs.
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