Bible verses used to abuse

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  1. HonourBound
    "Honour thy father and thy mother"

    It used to justify everything they did. 'They' as the parents were 'always right'. My questioning was 'answering back' and 'dishonouring' them. Teen years were the worst.

    Maybe if I'd been going through ordinary 'teenage rebellion' it would be different. This wasn't ordinary teenage rebellion. I was doing intelligent rational thinking- I was trying to reason with them about obvious flaws and problems even I could see as a child.

    My maturity and my intelligence were a threat.

    The Lord has since showed me what the verse is meant to mean, particularly for adults. We are supposed to 'honour' our parents through our lives and the choices we make- not by agreeing blindly with everything they say or do.

    I still 'hate' the verse, when it is used out of context, as a tool for self-justification when it comes to the failure of parental responsibility and authority. But I am also grateful that the Lord showed me its real meaning- because it restores my trust in the One who put the verse in the Bible in the first place.
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