NSAIDs for chronic pain

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  1. Neurose
    Hi all,
    yes I had to recently detox from nsaids due to kidney issues. It has been really hard to do with no pain meds either and no DMARDS for my RA and PsA. I know it will be better.
  2. purpleclouds
    Neurose--I'm sorry you have no pain meds! I know I've had a lot of trouble even finding something that works. Narcotics never really helped, Tylenol is useless (for me), I can't take things like Cymbalta or Lyrica, and this NSAID I take really only takes the edge off--but I am grateful that I have it!

    I take Etodolac which is a prescription NSAID but I think my Rheumatologist said she particularly liked this med because it doesn't usually come with the same stomach issues (that Willow describes) with long term use as ibuprofen and some other NSAIDs. I do worry, though--because I have significant GI issues and they started before I started this med but it's still hard to keep it all straight!

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