Silly Dragon Age II comics I drew

  1. theredmarker
    *MT: idk terrorism, demons, general rage, swearing*

    Okay, so, I've been playing Dragon Age II and really enjoying it. I love a compelling story with well-written characters. I was moved! And also inspired to draw silly things about it. So I thought I'd share these: (SPOILER ALERT)

    "Anders no":

    "Fenris loves you...maybe":

    "What did you think was going to happen" or "Fenris was right":

    "Carver the man-child":

  2. Magiere
    These are great and so true. Fenris was always one I could never figure out. He didn't like mages, yet used his own magics agaisnt the slavers. I love DA series.
  3. theredmarker
    Fenris was my favourite! I empathized with his rage a lot. Interesting to think about him using his lyrium powers while also having a philosophical problem with magic... >_> I guess survival was a good enough reason for him? Hrm.

    I haven't played Inquisition, but I want to! I'm gonna try and find a used copy before too long.

    Bioware games are so well-written!!
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