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  1. So
    Have been sending out a prayer chain. I really need prayer.
    Ive been going full psychosis, and the DID and dissociation has been through the roof lately, more than it usually is, im literally at a total loss of reality and self.
    It may not make sense to some either but it happened again 2 days ago where i was used and abused in my sleep, this is the 3rd time where i was raped in my sleep/dreams by an otherworldly being. I woke up very traumatized and ever since then have felt like im missing, and it made the disconnect 10x worse than what it was.
  2. ZJ
    Hi So,
    Really sorry you are having to go through so much, sounds like a very heavy load. I will definitely be praying for you, that G-d will calm this very harsh storm. I have seen Him do it for me during some very bad times, and so I know He can do it for you.
  3. ZJ
    Hi everyone (if ok)
    My family could use your prayers right now. My mother-in-law is bleeding out right now, not sure why? They have given her transfusions, but since she is in a nursing home and not really in her right mind, the doctors do not want to spend the time to fix what is going on. Guess the insurance doesn't want to pay. Makes me really mad and upset. They did agree to have her see a gastro doctor, but not sure if they will want to do anything. She has been bleeding for days, and they won't see her till Monday.
    Anyway, as you can imagine, my family is really going through it right now and could use your prayers. Thanks so much
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