1. Iris
    My pain is really bad today. It has not triggered me yet but I am sure it will. My arm feels like its burning.
    I really hope my Cymbalta is still working. I hate when I become tolerant to my pain meds. Have any of you tried Cymbalta ? Did it stop working after awhile ?

    I really need an ice pack and a nap.

  2. purpleclouds
    I was on cymbalta for a while and it's my impression that it's an antidepressant that can be used for pain and that it's not the typical pain med you get tolerant on.
    I had to go off of it because i started to get allergic to it (lots os swelling). But it was helpful for my pain and depression at the time.

  3. ZJ
    I was on it for a bit, but never did much for my pain. Sorry you are feeling so rough
  4. Iris
    thanks still sore today but not as bad.
  5. ZJ
    Glad your feeling a bit better if ok
  6. LucidOnes
    i've been having a bunch of neck and back pain for the last few weeks (mostly nerve pain and neuropathy stuff). i hear you and it SUCKS. i haven't been on cymbalta tho i've been thinking of it (i'm on Effexor as an anti-depressant and I think they'd have to switch me from one to the other, and that is SO not fun). i do know that things like that can have a "wearing off" effect where they do stop working or work less effectively over time..
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